Yo App Partners With Red Alert: Israel, The Novelty App Will Send A ‘Yo’ To Users Everytime A Rocket Attacks Israel

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The Yo app will now be able to give missile warnings to users who subscribed to updates from Red Alert: Israel

Despite the not-so-sound premise of the Yo app, a recent development has added to its scanty collection of uses ? it will now be able to alert users of impending missile attacks. According to a report by the Times of Israel, developers of the Red Alert: Israel app have partnered with Yo to notify Israelis whenever airstrikes are launched toward their country.

This move comes at a time when conflict between Israel and Hamas, a Palestinian Sunni Islamist group currently governing the Gaza Strip, has been escalating. Both sides have been trading attacks including rockets and missiles in the past weeks, as the New York Times reported.

The Yo app was previously mocked when it received a $ 1.2 million funding, and due to reports that it has alleged security flaws. Since its inception, Yo had been given many descriptions from pointless, useless, to incredible and amazing all because of its extremely simple premise ? sending a ?yo? to users with just one tap.

Meanwhile, Red Alert: Israel is an app dedicated to alert users in Israel whenever rockets from Gaza are aimed at Israel. It provides detailed push notifications regarding the types of mortar, rockets and missiles hurled toward Israeli land. The app sounds a loud alarm during attacks and serves as a backup warning mechanism for the sirens and rocket alerts that the Israeli government has already placed throughout the country.

According to the Times of Israel report, the app?s two developers named Ari Sprung and Kobi Snir, have decided to work with the Yo app to alert more people of upcoming attacks. As such, a notification will be received by all Yo app users who have subscribed to Yo updates from Red Alert: Israel. ??This may sound comical at first but according to the Times of Israel, it might just be a logical venture as the Yo-Red Alert partnership will cover a wider audience ? both Android and iOS. Traditionally, only the Android version of Red Alert: Israel is able to offer its missile warning system to Israeli users because Google Play has servers located within Israel.

Here are the links to the Red Alert: Israel and Yo app for both Android and iOS

Yo for Android ?|? Yo for iOS

Red Alert: Israel for Android? |? Red Alert: Israel for iOS



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