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YIFY Making A Comeback? Get Full Details Here!

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After the original YTS site and YIFY release group shut down after a legal case, a number of torrent sites have made it their objective to fill the gap and finish what they left off. So if you think YIFY will ever return to the torrent world, then you better realize that they won?t be coming back anytime soon.

A new YIFY?

A notable impostor is making rounds on the internet and using the name of YIFY and apparently making a new type of YTS/YIFY combination. YTS.ag is currently leading the way for other torrent sites and trying to take some dedicated YIFY followers to their site.

?Do we have acknowledgement from previous YIFY team to do this? The answer is that we could not reach them,? YTS.ag said in an email. They made it clear that they do not want anything to do with the original YIFY/YTS team, but they understand that they need to continue where the original group ended.

?We do our best to continue their work, thus so far we have uploaded our own encodes/releases with very similar quality/size of previous YTS team and even improving a bit the audio part of the encodes. We have our own seedboxes and upload very fast the releases.?

YTS.ag is a fraud

A number of torrent sites stated that they won?t allow YTS.ag to publish torrents on their website, saying that it would be inappropriate and that it would be confusing for users to release their group on their sites. RARBG and ExtraTorrent stated that they will not be allowing YTS/YIFY impostors on their site.

?They are cheap groups who want to benefit and make a quick name by jumping on something that was already there,? according to the Extra Torrent team. ?They will fade away, even though many downloaders will fall prey to the scam.?

?Here at KAT we don?t think it?s a good idea for a release group to use the name of the other group confusing our users. So no platform will be provided at least until they choose another name,? the Kickass Torrent team stated.

KAT administrator Mr. Black also understands that they shouldn?t release the torrents of the impostors out of respect for their previous partnership with the group. ?This is something that is always going to happen but we also understand that the quality of these groups will never be the same. To allow this would be insulting to the original release group who we trusted in the past and gained so much respect with us,? he said.

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