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Yandere Simulator Takes Cues From Persona 5

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Yandere Simulator
Soruce: Let’s Examine Persona – Part 1 videoArt:: Tsuna

Yandere Simulator’s creator YandereDev has uploaded a new video about Atlus’ Persona 5 and its previous entries. YandereDev seems to include many Persona design and game systems into his game to further improve it. If pulled through, Yandere Simulator may further set itself apart from the other “Simulator” games and have depth of its own.

“Let’s Examine Persona 5” video

As seen on YandereDev’s Youtube video, he discussed many Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5 features and took cues from it to improve his own game. From Persona’s stylish visuals and populous overworld to its scheduled days, YandereDev plans to include these systems to his game to further improve it. For example, Yandere-chan has a “Yandere Vision” which helps her find interactable objects easily like Persona 5’s Third Eye feature. At best, Persona’s systems help narrow the game down to make it unique from other murder sandbox games.

Scheduled Time

Persona’s day-by-day schedule system allows the player to have a sense of progression. Players will actually have to plan ahead if they want to sabotage their rival’s chances with Senpai successfully. Additionally, having a schedule prevents players from not doing anything toward their goal if they’re aiming to progress in the game. This system narrows down Yandere Simulator’s gameplay and prevents it from being too loose.

Visuals and Japanese Setting

YandereDev wants to add some actual “Japanese high school feel” to Yandere Simulator’s world to further increase its visual quality. The school will have more students and prop design to give the school an animated feel rather than mostly having desolate hallways with nothing in them. Additionally, memorial services will also be held if a student was sloppily murdered or disposed which is intended to hurt the player’s planning time. Overall, YandereDev wants Yandere Simulator’s setting to feel like an actual living and breathing school.

Student Interaction

Additionally, YandereDev aims to tie the Karma system and in-game events with the student’s morale to make players more aware in Yandere Simulator. In-game events like a death of rival will affect them. Additionally, Yandere-chan’s reputation meter will also control how they talk about her and players can eavesdrop on them too. The opinion of the whole student body will give an idea to players that NPCs care about what’s going on.

Improving Character Models

Yandere Simulator’s current character models are built in a way that they can’t easily be customized. YandereDev hopes that they can change up these models to more flexible ones that’ll allow them to change into the school’s seasonal uniforms. Persona also helped YandereDev to focus on expressive character faces which can be seen in Yandere-chan’s moods and NPC reaction toward deaths.

YandereDev said he is considering to shift to a different art style in the final version of the game. One of his candidates to emulate is Persona 5. Shiho in the latest Persona entry has been noted in the video due to her semblance to Yandere-chan’s look. “The latest Persona game features a character who looks remarkably similar to Yandere-chan,” YandereDev said. “This allows us to see a glimpse on what Yandere-chan might look like in the Persona art style”

More Focused Experience, Less Sandbox Simulator

If these Persona features does push through, Yandere Simulator has a chance to separate itself from the sandbox gameplay that most “Simulator” games have. Players usually make their own story and goals in Simulator games which are good in itself. However, murder without reason will make Yandere-chan a flat and forgettable character. A week is already enough time to establish her reasons to kill other characters if the developers put in enough story in it.  

Persona-like systems will help Yandere Simulator grow into a more focused and narrowed down experience. Since Yandere Simulator is about killing romantic rivals and not reforming society in a matter of days, it’ll be sure to find its own niche on release. YandereDev will continue discussing more Persona systems he plans to emulate to improve Yandere Simulator in more videos.

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