Yakuza 0 Update 1.01: New Outfits And Items Available, More Free Content Coming Every Few Weeks

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Not too long after the game came out, Sega released Yakuza 0 update 1.01 for PS4. At 5MB, the update is relatively harmless and could have been made to fix a few bugs here and there. Seems like there’s more to it than that, now that Sega has announced a number of free DLC updates.

According to Gematsu, there will be three free DLC packs out before Valentine’s Day, which is neat. Players that want to get the content have to talk to Bob the Clown in front of the game’s shrines. Some of this content is already available, which is pretty impressive for a 5MB patch.

What’s In Yakuza 0 Update 1.01?

Fans on NeoGAF were able to get a number of outfits from Bob the Clown already. Talking to him automatically gets the outfit, thought it can only be used in Premium Adventure Mode. While a bit disappointing, at least players don’t have to pay for any of the extra content, which is cool.

One of the outfits that can be used is the Dragon of Dojima, which can be used in Premium Adventure. Players might have to wait a bit to use it, but it seems to be worth the length. It will be interesting to see what other content will be coming to the game, since free DLC is coming soon.

Villain Times Day

No explanation was given as to why the DLC will be out before Valentine’s Day, which got fans speculating. One could argue that they wanted to avoid the holiday rush, hence the free DLC releases for the game. Perhaps they’re planning a Valentine’s Day event, though that seems unlikely since the game is two years old for Japan.

Whatever the case, it’s great that the game is finally available in the West, with more possibly coming. The Yakuza franchise didn’t start off well, but it looks like the game is making a Monster Hunter-esque comeback. Given how acclaimed Yakuza 0 is, it seems like we can expect more from the series, hopefully in a timely fashion. 

Yakuza 0 update 1.01 should be available on the PS4 now. Keep checking The BitBag for the latest gaming news.


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