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Yakuza 0 Review Embargo Time And Date Announced By SEGA

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After years since it hit the stores in Japan, Yakuza 0 will finally be available this month. Although there?s some Yakuza 0 reviews already available from some who have imported the game, it will be interesting to know how all the known critics receive the beat-em-up prequel.

Most players who know the game are waiting for the reviews to hit the internet for quite some time already. The game originally hit the stores in 2015 and considering the game had no english text and voices, there were also very few game reviews from critics outside japan. But, the waiting game is almost over because review embargos will be lifted a few days before the game?s official launch in the West.

According to Sega PR manager John Hardin, the curtains on Yakuza 0 reviews will be lifted on January 19th at 9 a.m. Pacific time or 12 p.m. Eastern time.

?Oh, and because I don?t believe in stupid things like review embargo embargoes, Yakuza 0 reviews should start hitting on Jan. 19th at 9am PT,? wrote the PR manager. This is indeed the perfect time to give gamers a better perspective of the game especially with its international release just hanging around.

The game will only be available in the West as a PS4 game.The title originally launched in Japan for both the PS3 and PS4.

Meanwhile, there are already impressions about the game available online. A post from Playstation Lifestyle shared that the game features the best story from the franchise. As posted by the website?s review, gamers may predict some plot twists. There?s also a ?memorable, satisfying ending?, the site said.

The storyline takes place in 1988, so fans will be glad to see characters like Kazuma Kiryu and Majima Goro in their younger days. Also, those who have visited Japan during that decade will see the country the way it used to be.

For now, the only thing gamers should do is wait for the official Yakuza 0 review embargo to roll out. It will help them decide whether or not they should but the game.

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