Yahoo’s Intelligent and Organized Aviate Launcher App, Now Available in Google Play Store With New Powerful Features

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Earlier this year, Yahoo acquired Aviate from ThumbsUp Labs. This Android App was finally introduced to the world last Monday, with several new features, a revamped look and a new catchy name : Yahoo Aviate. This application is now open for download in Google Play Store.

According to Mark Daiss, Yahoo Product Manager and the App’s Co-founder, the app aims for a simplified homescreen for its user.

“It’s intended to be simple … The stock Android experience is a little confusing,” Daiss said. “We saw this huge opportunity to innovate and move out of this app-centric model ? this grid of apps ? and really move towards something that’s a little bit more compelling for the user, and gives the user information the moment it’s useful without them having to search.”

The rebranded Aviate is more than just an application, it has new concepts and features that can’t be seen from any other launchers.

Aviate Launcher ?gives recommendations or suggestions on apps that you may need based on what you are doing at a given time. It shows weather, calendar and news apps in the morning, music apps while you are driving and even Reddit app before bedtime. However, there were some changes made when Yahoo took over Aviate app.

There has been a positive change with how you connect with your loved one’s or close friends. When you swipe your home screen, icons of people you frequently talk with, will pop up on the screen. This would give you ?easier access in case you want to call or message someone.

Users will see contents instead of applications.?For example, in the morning, instead of users seeing a news app, Yahoo Aviate will show them a fragment of a news from Yahoo’s News Digest App. And instead of calendar apps, Yahoo Aviate will show a weather forecast from Yahoo Weather.

For ?easy access, it can also organize apps into a collection such as news, social and music. You don’t need to scroll into multiple menus in finding your favorite apps.?And if you want ?easy access to your email, call or text with people you talk to the most, just go to the Favorites section.

The most recent Aviate has a built in assistant-like app that can dial conference calls for you .

Overall, Yahoo Aviate offers unique features as a Home Screen Launcher. Better than others, I must say.

Image Source: Screenshot from Google Play Store

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