Yahoo Mail app for iPhone gets updated with News and Google Now Tabs

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Yahoo is rolling out a significant update to its Mail app for iPhone and iPod touch today, with News and Google Now – a design to make the ?inbox more helpful, and a little bit more personal.

Yahoo Mail app?s new face features a tab for your inbox, with added tab for News and Google Now.

News tab offers stories from the Yahoo News team and Today that includes weather, stock quotes, and sports scores in addition to a place to search the web. ?Its personalized stream is Yahoo’s take on Google Now ? contextualized, real-time recommendations, for things you might be interested in,? said Andrew Molyneux, Senior Product Manager for Yahoo Mail.

If you haven?t tried this updated version, here?s what you can see and experience. When you open the Yahoo Mail app, you will notice a new panel with icons for Mail, News and Today at the bottom of the screen. This will update you with all the news, information, and communications that come together in one integrated experience.

By tapping on the News icon, you will be abreast of what?s happening in the world. On the Today icon, you will be more updated with the local weather, news digest, latest stock quotes, and sports scores among others.

?We?ve designed it with a focus on simplicity: it?s the familiar Yahoo Mail experience, plus one-tap access to personalized, real-time information,? Molyneux said.

Yahoo said that they are excited to bring you the latest version of Yahoo Mail for iPhone and iPod touch, and hoped for users to find it great, as it takes users to a simple way to access Mail, news, and other information all within a single app.

Yahoo will be rolling this new update in the App Store to U.S. users on the next couple of weeks.

Check the video below and see the multi-talented Yahoo Mail App for iPhone.

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