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Yahoo Breaking News: Editorial Layoffs making International Rounds

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All good things inevitably come to an end. Sadly, it appears that the old statement mirrors truth at the Yahoo hierarchy.

Yahoo finds itself in a sort of crossroads. Its strategy of acquiring engineers from failed startups, as per Business Insider, appears to be backfiring even as Marissa Mayer, Yahoo?s current CEO, resorted to overpaying employees just to stay. To be fair, however, it wasn?t Mayer who bought the system over at Yahoo HQ?the culture was already in place even before Mayer came aboard as Yahoo?s current CEO.

In a picture which could be a grim reminder of how quick layoffs or “restructuring” can happen, Yahoo had reportedly laid off a portion of its global editorial staff. As per Silicon Beat, Canada was one of the very first offices to feel the brunt of the global wave?almost 35 percent of its staff was laid off. It also appears that Asia is beginning to feel the wave of the lay-off fever, as per Medianama. Yahoo India is the first of many possible countries whose editorial staff are in danger of being without jobs.

Yahoo! Canada parts with Editorial Staff

Yahoo! Canada was one of the very first Yahoo! Offices to lay off its employees. As per Silicon Beat, a former employee sent out this tweet: “As of today, I?m no longer with Yahoo! Canada. Sad to move on, but grateful for three-and-a-half fun years.”. As it seems, 35 percent of the Canadian editorial team had been laid off, as per Silicon Beat. As to why, Yahoo! declined to comment.

Is this an after-effect of the culture of overpaying its employees? Perhaps, but no one really knows why the layoffs are happening. It might be due to the annual revenues staying the way they are despite the movement of years, as per Business Insider.

Yahoo! India following suit?

Yahoo?s Canadian offices and Western workforce aren?t the only ones in danger of receiving the pink slip.

As per Medianama, one of the latest offices in Asia to receive the brunt of the massive layoffs is Yahoo! India. Unlike in Canada, Yahoo! India?s employees took their being laid-off hard, as one source commented on Medianama that Marissa Mayer was focused only on the U.S. The lay-off was also strange for them, as Yahoo! India?s editorial team is currently in the thick of covering the ICC Cricket World Cup.

As it appears, other offices in Asia are in danger of losing editorial employees. ?Some teams from Malaysia, Vitenam, Indonesia and, more recently, the Philippines,?have lost their jobs. We?ll cover this news further as more information becomes available.


What this appears to be are consequences of risky over-spending despite revenues staying where they are or even falling from their normal values. While Marissa Mayer might be fighting tooth and nail to keep employees from leaving their U.S. offices, hopefully Yahoo! doesn?t forget that they are a global company and their overseas offices also need help.


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