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Yahoo Adds SSL to Tumblr But……

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Yahoo Adds SSL to Tumblr But……

Finally, Tumblr has incorporated SSL into its system. But tech experts note a minor but important catch. Users have to activate it manually. Meaning, they would have to choose to ?opt in? to encrypt visits to their Tumblr websites.

The question posed is….Why doesn’t Yahoo (owner of Tumblr) make it a default setting?


SSL or Secure Sockets Layer allows data sent from a server (like the Tumblr server) to your computer in an encrypted form. This provides increased security for sites and users. Many websites and networked systems have made SSL a standard setting.

For Tumblr users however, they would need to go to their account page… the settings dashboard… and turn on the SSL configuration manually.

Video: One on One with Tumblr’s David Karp (Wakefield Uncubed / YouTube)



It is puzzling that Tumblr lets the user decide on the option when their director of security engineering himself, Conrad Rushing states in a blog post announcing the new SSL feature, that he finds absolutely no reason why Tumblr users should not enable or turn the SSL feature on.

He is quoted as saying that ? It doesn’t change anything about the dashboard, it just encrypts your connection to it….We’ve been using it for weeks and haven’t even noticed.?


Which brings us back to the question, why the ?option? to increase privacy and internet security when making it a default setting provides better customer service and protection for Tumble users.

With Tumblr, who is getting so much positive hype in the past months ( Tumblr is currently getting more Google Search hits than Facebook who is running second), one would think Yahoo is finally doing something right. But again, with this big security question on Tumblr (No reply from Yahoo yet on this issue, according to major tech sites who have direct access to Yahoo), it once more places a big question mark on Yahoo itself and its ability to regain its former glory.


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