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Xiaomi Notebook Air Release Date & Price Leak: Big MacBook Air 2016 Competitor?

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Xiaomi Notebook Air was unveiled yesterday and many tech enthusiasts are already excited for its release date. Those who have seen the China-made laptop are saying that the reasonable price that goes with its many features could pose a challenge to Apple?s highly awaited MacBook Air.

Made by Beijing-based electronics company Xiaomi Inc., the 13.3-inch laptop has a 256GB solid state drive and 8GB of RAM. It has a fast and distinct Nvidia GeForce 940MX graphics card that allows gamers to play their favorite titles at 85 frames-per-second at full HD resolution. Weighing in at 1.28 kg, the notebook is also loaded with up to 2.7GHz Intel Core i5-6200U. A 40Wh battery also allows it to be used for up to 9.5 hours.

Furthermore, Xiaomi Notebook Air also has a 12.5-inch variant that is more lightweight, but has limited memory and storage.

On top of these specs reported by CNET, Xiaomi Notebook Air?s price also makes it an attractive purchase for techies, especially those who are looking for a powerful gaming laptop. It will reportedly retail for as low as 3,499 yuan, or around $525 USD.


Unfortunately, for interested techies, Xiaomi Notebook Air?s release date on August 2 will reportedly only be an exclusive launch for China. Its limited distribution is expected to be an advantage for its alleged competitor, the much anticipated MacBook Air 2016.

Just recently, it was reported that Apple will drop the device?s 11-inch variant to make way for the 15-inch MacBook Air 2016. Aside from increasing its size, Apple also reportedly integrated a more powerful central processing unit (CPU) that will make the already lightweight notebook even thinner and lighter.

macbook air

MacBook Air

Tech insiders have previously leaked that the MacBook Air 2016 will carry a Retina display, since it is the only MacBook that does not have this feature yet. It will also reportedly have USB Type-C ports that are smaller and more efficient than the traditional ones. The laptop will also reportedly carry Siri, Apple?s virtual assistant that used to be exclusive for iPhones.

However, even with all these details circulating, Apple has not yet made any official announcement regarding the release date, specs, and price of the MacBook Air 2016. While there are rumors about a September launch, the lack of any confirmed information about the device has fueled rumors that it might get phased out by the Cupertino-based tech giant.

If the MacBook Air 2016 does get cancelled, do you think that the Xiaomi Notebook Air will measure up to people?s expectations? Which of the two do you prefer? Let us know by commenting below!


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