?Xiaomi Mi3′: It Might Blow The iPhone Away

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Xiaomi Mi3 (Image Credit to
Xiaomi Mi3 (Image Credit to

The next ?Apple? might be found in China, according to some of this company?s supporters. It is run by a founder which might have just reached a ?Steve Jobs?-like achievement among his followers.

Xiaomi Technology may be a brand name that is unknown to the entire world, but in China, it is definitely a household name. As Reuters reports, like?Apple in the U.S and in other countries, Xiaomi attracts everybody?s attention when they are about to release a new product in China, and it is not surprising to see some people in China, skip a day off work just to get the latest that Xiaomi has to offer.

There?s a saying that when something is cheap, quality?s probably the same, but, this is the usual belief that Xiaomi crushes with most of their devices, particularly in the smartphones department, especially with their latest flagship, ?the?Xiaomi Mi3. This smartphone has been around for quite a while and it is performing so well that it is capable of beating other well-known brands like Samsung?s Galaxy S4, S5, or even Apple?s iPhone 5.

So what?s so great about Xiaomi Mi3? It is a great and classy looking smartphone. Its thin profile also adds up to the sophisticated and ?premium? feel of the phone. It also has a very bright IPS screen protected by Gorilla Glass technology. The screen?s resolution is even better than that of Galaxy S5. It has 441 ppi pixel with full 1080p resolution, while Galaxy S5 only has 432 ppi. The only downside about the screen is that, it is a fingerprint magnet.

Most phones can easily achieve these aforementioned niceties, but it is the internal specs and capabilities that Xiaomi Mi3 shines the brightest. It is powered by a Qualcomm MSM8274AB Snapdragon 800 processor, and if all those figures and codes are confusing you, let?s say that this was supposedly the fastest phone by the time that the model was launched. The operating system it runs on is a heavily modified Android system that looks strikingly similar with iOS and is called MIUI v5. The interface is VERY responsive.

The battery life is also great with this little piece of magnificence. With a 3050mAh battery, the smartphone could stay alive pretty long with constant music/video streaming and gaming.

And since we?re talking about gaming, the Xiaomi Mi3 is a pure godsend for android gaming. Most graphic intensive games like Real Racing 3, Modern Combat 4, Dungeon Hunter 4, etc., run pretty flawless and they look really good too.

Both the rear 13-megapixel snapper and the 2-megapixel front facing camera produce great looking photos as well.

If you?re a “numbers” person when it comes to selecting your phone models, it might help to mention that Xiaomi Mi3 has a 36000+ score on That is better than Galaxy S4?s 26000+ or, possibly, even Galaxy S5.

If there?s any phone which breaks the rule of only getting two from these three things: good, cheap and fast, it is Xiaomi Mi3,?as it gets all three of them, and more. With a price of $320+, you get more than you pay for.

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