Xiaomi Mi Notebook Image Leaked; Looks Like A Macbook Pro 2016 Killer

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xiaomi mi Notebook
xiaomi mi Notebook

The long rumored Xiaomi Mi Notebook seems likely to be released soon with the first leaked photo of the new device hitting the web recently. The Chinese manufacturer of budget Android phones had already ventured into the tablet, digital camera and smart TV market and is looking to further expand their lineup with the new laptop device debuting soon.

The leaked image of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook shows that it resembles the Apple?s Macbook Pro series a lot with the placement of the Mi branding at the top of the laptop similar to that of the Apple logo in Macbooks. The leaked photo was revealed by TechWeb, a Chinese website.

The sleek all metallic silver design is too unique to the Macbook and given that Xiaomi is known to copy Apple?s designs in the past, the image seems real. Due to the angle from which the device was photographed, nothing is revealed about the ports the device will ship with.

However, since the said image is of poor quality, several reports have indicated that it may have been a photoshopped render of the device. So regarding the design of the Mi Notebook, nothing seems to be confirmed for now.


Though not much is known about the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Notebook specs, rumors have indicated that the new laptop is expected to ship with Windows 10 OS pre-installed and come in two or three variants. Rumors suggest that the device will come in 12.5-inch, 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch display sizes with the smaller sized laptops launching first.

The latest Xiaomi device is said to feature the Intel Skylake Core i7 and Core i5 processors along with an 8GB RAM in the highest configuration model. The devices will have Full HD displays and rely on Intel?s graphics instead of a graphics card. Also, since the company will be targeting an entry level market, it is expected to have less in features but still a portable and stylish laptop. But battery life will be the laptop?s strong suit since the Chinese manufacturer has always kept the battery a rather significant issue for its mobile devices. Xiaomi Mi Notebook is expected to carry a price tag of $450 for the base model.

Microsoft is also planning to launch the Surface Pro 5 in the near future so a wise choice would be to wait and watch for this hybrid tablet cum laptop Pro 5 before making a decision. You can check out here our comparison between Surface Pro 5 and Mi Notebook.

The all new Xiaomi Mi Notebook has been speculated to be released ?this summer? according to rumors dating back to March. Though several reports are pointing towards a release ahead in September, it is still possible that the device will be launched this July as Xiaomi has been teasing of a big event this month that will see the release of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2. The Chinese manufacturer is also rumored to be working on Xiaomi Mi 5S and Xiaomi Smartwatch.

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