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Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Release Date: Teaser Points To July 25 Launch

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A new Xiaomi Mi Note 2 release date has been revealed after a teaser for the new device hinted at a July 25 launch.

There were recent speculations that the Chinese electronics company will present the product on August. Now, rumors have been circulating, because of a Xiaomi Mi Note 2 teaser, that showed the characters ?2 > 5.?

Some have interpreted that ?>? could mean ?7,? which would imply that ?2 > 5? is hinting at a July 25 (7 / 25) Xiaomi Mi Note 2 launch.?Another reason behind the supposed launch date is based on a recent comment made by Xiaomi co-founder, Lin Bin.

He announced that the company will ?release a powerful flagship? this July, so it makes sense that he is referring to the unveiling of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 at the end of this month.

Xiaomi Note 2

Aside from speculations over the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 release date, techies have also been excited over the new device?s rumored features. Xiaomi will reportedly release three models of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2: standard, high and top-end. These will be equipped with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB of native storage options with a combination of either 6GB or 4GB of RAM.


The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will also be armed with a 12-megapixel rear-facing dual camera unit and a powerful 4,000mAh battery unit with rapid charging capabilities. It will also carry a fingerprint scanner and have 3D Touch functionalities.

Prior to the rumored July and August launch dates, initial reports on the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 release date claimed that it will be released in the final quarter of this year. The Mi Note sucessor?is expected to launch alongside?Xiaomi Mi 5S,?that?is also rumored to come out with high-end specs. The tech giant has yet to release an official announcement on these products and their launches.

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