Xiaomi Mi VR Play Announced After Samsung’s Gear VR Launch, Available For Beta Testers

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Xiaomi Mi VR Play

It seems that VR gadgets are on the rise. With the ever increasing demands for immersive gaming and entertainment, more and more companies are dipping their toes in the water. Xiaomi is no exception. Immediately following Samsung?s launching for the Gear VR, Xiaomi followed suit and announced their very first VR gadget. The Xiaomi Mi VR Play.

This low-cost VR headset is compatible with most commercially available smartphones with sizes ranging from 4.7 to 5.7 inches. The Xiaomi Mi VR Play is made from lycra fabric and EVA and offered in various colorful designs . The phone is held by a pouch with a dual-zipper design instead of plastic clips. This offers more mounting security for the phone.

Inside the headset are two high image clarity anti-glare aspherical lenses. According to Xiaomi, these lenses have a diameter tolerance of around 0.01 mm. Although this does not have any effect on the optical performance of the lenses, it only shows the high quality of manufacturing.

The Mi VR Play comes with a standalone VR app the support 3D movies and video playback, as well as apps and games.

Mi VR Play

Comparing the Mi VR Play to Samsung?s Gear VR, the main difference lies in the materials. As well as functionality. Although Gear VR offers more, for simple video playback and 3D movies, the MI VR Play is more than enough. Users might not get the same comfort as with mid-range to high-end headsets, the Mi VR Play offers a good compromise. The Mi VR Play is not very big on features but for what its lacking, it compensates on value.

For consumers looking for a bit more, there?s the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

The news about the VR Play came out after Xiaomi announced their MacBook Air contender, the Mi Notebook Air. Currently available only for beta testers, gamers who want a piece of the action would need to register to Xiaomi?s website – assuming you know Chinese. The Xiaomi Mi VR Play sells for RMB 1 (approximately $0.15) for beta testers and probably around $7 on public release.
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