Xenoblade Chronicles Nintendo NX Release Soon? Monolith Helps Nintendo With Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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Xenoblade Chronicles

As the Nintendo NX is about to come out, fans only know that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and a new Mario game will be coming to the new console. With fans wondering what else is going to come to the new platform, one has to wonder if we will see one of the new IPs, specifically a Xenoblade Chronicles Nintendo NX game.

Game Informer recently revealed that Monolith helped Nintendo with the open world of Breath of the Wild. Considering how big the worlds are in Xenoblade Chronicles and its sequel Xenoblade Chronicles X, it?s easy to see why Nintendo went with this particular developer for help.

With Monolith helping out Nintendo for one of the company?s biggest games, one has to wonder if their help with Zelda ensures that they will be releasing another installment of the RPG series for the NX. That might sound like a bit of a long shot, but it?s not an impossible notion either.

The first Xenoblade Chronicles was considered by many to be criminally underrated. Despite getting plenty of positive reviews, the RPG came out by the time Nintendo has stopped supporting the Wii, so a lot of people didn?t get to play it. The sequel, Xenoblade Chronicles X, fared a bit better on the Wii U, thanks to improved graphics and a ton of new gameplay mechanics, like using a mech to fight off huge enemies.

It will be interesting to see if the new Zelda game adopts any trait from the two Xenoblade games. The two RPGs are known for their relentless side quests and enormous worlds, features that would be very refreshing in a Zelda game.

Monolith is no stranger to the Zelda series. The company worked on Skyward Sword for the Wii, so the developer does have some experience with the legendary series. Skyward Sword earned a mixed reception from fans, but most would agree that it wasn?t a bad game.

Xenoblade Chronicles is currently available for the Wii and New 3DS, while its sequel is a Wii U exclusive. Will we be seeing a Xenoblade Chronicles Nintendo NX version? We?ll have to see and find out.

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