XCOM 2 Gameplay Trailer Released: Character Classes, Full Customization Features And More Revealed

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The gripping turn-based strategy game, XCOM 2, has now released a full 12 minute gameplay video titled ?Welcome to the Avenger?. The XCOM 2 gameplay trailer shows us our first look at the new mobile base where you plan your battles, make your upgrades, manage your funds, and prepare your troops.

Developer Firaxis looks to be capitalizing on its PC-only release as the graphics looks phenomenal and looks to have drastically improved on its customizable options. Shown in the trailer are the Drones, tons of customizable features for your characters appearance and personality, and customizable guns.

XCOM 2 customization features shown in new gameplay trailer.

Firaxis is pouring a lot of customizable features in the game.

The hanger is large and multi-layered. The amount of rooms look like a room-filled vault in Fallout Shelter, but the amount of things you can do in each area in Xcom 2 looks truly looks exciting and will surely get fans ready to dole out their money as the game nears its release this year.

Fans will delight in the new mobile HQ is it can now travel across locations, a problem before in the previous game as players were hindered by having a base in a fixed location, Gamingbolt reported. The trailer also says that the mobile base has “a mind of its own”.

The action in XCOM 2 will surely be more action packed as the game follows the events of XCOM: Enemy Unknown where the earth was conquered by the alien forces. In XCOM 2, your team now is a part of the resistance movement, Gadgets NDTV reported.

New Character Classes

According to Gadgets NDTV, the core classes: sniper, assault, heavy, and support have been ?retooled? and have been renamed: sharpshooter, ranger, grenadier, and specialist.

?There?s swords as well for the ranger soldier, they have shotguns and the sword and two different tech trees depending if you want to sword or shotgun and that?s a way to diversify your team,? Firaxis Community Manager Kevin Schultz told Gadgets NDTV. Schultz said that no class will be purposely overpowered.

XCOM 2 will release for PC and Mac in an unconfirmed day this November.

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