Xbox360 Devs Can’t Match PS3 Exclusives Without The X-Engine

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For many years since Xbox360 arrived the DVD format along without the universal HDD in every system was always in question in terms of the systems longevity and increase in game quality year over year. The first was a given and Xbox360 was off to an amazing start, then with the blockbuster hit Gears Of War the system managed to wow the gaming community even after the rival PS3 console was released.

Currently in the fourth year the wow factor of the Xbox360 in terms of forward movement with their exclusive titles hasn’t been as strong and that’s something that can hurt them in the long run especially when Sony has proved they have the upper hand with the power of the PS3. 2009 may very well have been a time for Xbox360 to restructure because 2010 seems to be turning out to be the exact opposite in terms of game quality, and the answer is the X-Engine.

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