Xbox Two Might Get Canceled

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Xbox Two

Microsoft?s next console might not get released due to the current steps that both Microsoft and Sony is planning right now. Microsoft?s tie-in system with Xbox One and PC and Sony?s Beta on MUSASHI firmware on the Playstation 4 may show a shift in interest toward the PC platform. Will we see the Xbox Two happen?

In Microsoft?s side, Gamespot has confirmed that some unreleased and in-development Xbox One exclusives such as Quantum Break, and ReCore will have PC ports. It might be possible that Microsoft will continue to push their newer Xbox One games into the PC platform if this tactic proves profitable and may entirely eliminate the chance for a next console.

Meanwhile, Siliconera has confirmed the beta for 3.50 firmware update of the Playstation 4. The firmware update is codenamed ?MUSASHI? and will improve the Playstation 4?s online services. One notable feature is the capability of this firmware to Remote Play some PS4 games on your PC or Mac.

If successful, this might break console exclusivity for both Microsoft and Sony. Both companies may just shift into making supplemental hardware for the PC to correctly run their games and developing console hardwares may be a thing of the past.

Currently, Sony?s PS4 is trumping the Xbox One this console generation. We?ll have to wait for how Microsoft?s upcoming game line-up fares this time. Maybe Microsoft has some surprises coming E3 2016 on June, such as release dates for highly anticipated titles or new games to look forward on the Xbox One. Currently, Ubisoft?s The Division has timed exclusive DLCs on the Xbox One which may encourage more people to pick up the Xbox One, however, it might not be enough to make Microsoft win the console generation. For now, we?ll have to wait if these possible moves will actually decide the next appearance of the Xbox Two, or even the Playstation 5.

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