Xbox Scorpio Specs Reveal This Week From Digital Foundry; Jaguar CPU Rumors Spread Online [Rumor]

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Xbox Scorpio Specs
Source: Xbox One S video

Recently, Microsoft revealed little about the Xbox Scorpio specs during the EGX Rezzed 2017. Apparently, the Xbox Scorpio will also use a Jaguar CPU which the first Xbox One has already been using. Here’s what we know about the Xbox Scorpio specs.

Xbox Scorpio Specs Reveals

Shinobi602’s tweet confirms that there will be Scorpio reveals next week and its hardware sounds impressive. Potentially, Shinobi602 could be hinting about Microsoft finally revealing their next Xbox console. More than just Shinobi602, other media and even the fans are already feeling the incoming reviews after the Xbox Scorpio specs reveal. Most of the information are coming leakers or inside sources so it might be best to take these reveals with a grain of salt.

Upgraded Jaguar CPU

NeoGAF user belvedere pointed out that Digital Foundry said during their EGX Rezzed 2017 panel that the Xbox Scorpio will only use an improved Jaguar CPU instead of going for a newer CPU model. The Xbox One has already uses the Jaguar CPU. Potentially, this state may worry fans as there might not be any strong differences between Xbox One and Scorpio. However, the “Jaguar” mention doesn’t exactly mention the use toward the Xbox One and is simply a brief mention of 1995 Atari’s Jaguar CD during the discussion.

Microsoft-Digital Foundry reveal

The Inner Circle’s Twitter post that confirms Xbox Scorpio specs will be released this Thursday (April 6) on the Digital Foundry channel. Eurogamer’s hardware and technical discussion focused channel has recently focused their coverage more on PS4 games as of late. However, it may just have been the case as Xbox One rarely has games to showcase its hardware as of the recent releases.

The channel has always been sure to cover new consoles and games, especially those that uses the new 4K graphics settings or the PS4 Pro’s improved processing mode. At best, Digital Foundry will be sure to cover the Xbox Scorpio specs reveal even if they aren’t the first-hand source of the specs reveal.

New Console Generation Entry

Ori and the Blind Forest’s Thomas Mahler confirmed on NeoGAF that the upcoming Xbox Scorpio will be a new console instead of an upgraded console like the PS4 Pro. Xbox Scorpio will also be able to carryover games after the Scorpio’s generation. Microsoft has pushed this idea as early as the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility system with some Xbox 360 games. Potentially, Microsoft may continue to push this feature in their future consoles. For now, Xbox fans will have to wait until these rumored days to finally let Microsoft answer to confirm or lay these rumors to rest. Stay updated with more Xbox Scorpio news here on The BitBag.

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