Xbox Scorpio Release, Specs & Price Updates: How Does It Compare To PS4 Pro & Nintendo Switch?

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Xbox Scorpio

For those who are wondering how powerful the next Xbox is, Microsoft finally revealed the specifications of the machine codenamed Project Scorpio and it largely confirms the claims making rounds in the gaming community in the last couple of months. Hitting the 6-teraflop computing power target set for it at E3 last year, the Xbox Project Scorpio is expected to be an immensely powerful gaming console.

It is set to bump heads with Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro and the newly launched Nintendo Switch. But can Xbox Scorpio outperform the two? Let’s take a look at its specs below:


Although delayed, Microsoft’s machine is already clocked at a higher speed than its competitors, meaning it offers more processing power. Specifically, it runs at an unprecedented speed of 2.3 GHz which is slightly faster than PS4 Pro’s 2.1 GHz. To put it into perspective, IGN says Scorpio’s CPU is 30 percent faster than Xbox One’s equivalent. As for Nintendo, the company hasn’t really tried to do better in pure spec terms, hence its hybrid console’s octa-core processor runs only at 1.02 GHz.

The Xbox Project Scorpio outperforms its rivals in the graphical processing unit department as well. Microsoft’s console features 40 compute units clocked at 1,172 Mhz whereas the PS4 Pro and Switch only has 36 compute units clocked at 911 MHz and 768 MHz, respectively.

Memory & Bandwidth

Both the Xbox Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Pro offer 8GB of RAM memory, so there isn’t really anything to choose between the two consoles. Nintendo’s less powerful hybrid machine, on the other hand, needs somewhat less memory, and thus the Japanese video games giant has only housed it with 4GB of memory.

However, Microsoft outranks the two in terms of memory bandwidth, having 50 percent more power than PS4 Pro and much more than the Nintendo Switch. For the unaware, the memory bandwidth is the rate at which data can be read from or stored into memory by a processor. Apart from the CPU and GPU, this is another spec which has a serious influence on the overall performance.

Scorpio tops the game with a memory bandwidth of 326GB/s while the PS4 Pro comes second with 218GB/s. Nintendo only offers 25.6GB/s.

Storage & Optical Drive

Microsoft’s next Xbox features 1TB of native storage, matching PS4 Pro’s offering. Switch, on the other hand, features only 32GB of native storage. But it’s worth noting that the handheld console works differently in this area. Its cartridge-based system, which has micro SD built into the console, requires less memory, thus also featuring less native storage.

Microsoft included a 4K Blu-ray drive in the Xbox Project Scorpio while Sony offers PS4 Pro consumers a standard Blu-ray one. As for Nintendo, it did the complete opposite, excluding any optical drive from its handheld console.

Xbox Scorpio

Portability & Pricing

Despite Scorpio and PS4’s advantage in most specs, the Nintendo Switch wins the race portability-wise. Its ability to be docked with a television and be removed for portable gaming has become its massive selling point so far. It’s a unique feature, though, as Sony’s console is unable to offer portability while Microsoft has no plans of including such feature in its next Xbox.

Official pricing for Xbox Scorpio has not been announced yet. Given its powerful specs, it could fall somewhere between $500 and $600. It is still more expensive than PS4 Pro‘s introductory price of $400 and Switch’s $300. Here’s a summary for you:

Verdict: Which is which?

Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox is obviously the most powerful among the three. However, that does not guarantee automatic success upon launch, especially with its hefty price. While we’ve yet to see how well Scorpio would actually do, Sony rules worldwide markets and it is expected to remain a top choice.

MobiPicker notes PS4 Pro offers a number of fantastic titles like Persona 5, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Nier: Automata. So, unless Microsoft provides more exclusives, it could fail to impress a larger audience. As for Nintendo Switch, it has proven to be a big success even without being a technological powerhouse. According to some reviews, it offers an exceptional level of handheld graphical quality and of course, a unique gaming experience.

Still, the final word depends on what you want from a console. Which among the three do you think is better? Can Microsoft catch up with its two rivals?

Xbox Scorpio is set for release in the holiday season of 2017, Microsoft has confirmed. Previous console launches have taken place around November. Assuming there won’t be any delays, this is more likely when we’ll also be getting our hands on one.

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