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Xbox Scorpio In 2017: Price, Features and Updates You Should Know

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Microsoft will release the Xbox Scorpio in 2017. The console is already gaining popularity due to rumored features. Here, we provide you with the best rumored features of the Xbox Scorpio.

Xbox Scorpio Features and Price

The Microsoft Xbox Scorpio will have a support for Virtual Reality (VR). The gamers can enjoy all VR games on this console.

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According to ?arstechnica , Xbox Scorpio will pack 6 teraflops of GPU to be able to support VR and 4K gaming. Microsoft is installing an AMD Vega CPU and a 5GB DDR5 RAM into the Xbox Scorpio. The device is likely to cost $600.?

“I want Scorpio to be at a console price-point. I?m not trying to go and compete with a high-end rig. And because we?re building one spec, we?re able to look at the balance between all the components and make sure that it?s something we really hit that matters to consumers and gamers,? Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said.

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Spencer also said that the Xbox Scorpio will cost more than the Xbox S consoles. The brand has not announced the pricing yet. But Microsoft has clearly mentioned that the Xbox scorpio will be a high-end console with some brand new features. The company wants to meet the demands of the high-end consumers, according to alphr.

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?We’re making a pretty big bet on that with Project Scorpio. We’re basically saying, ?This isn’t a new generation; everything you have continues forward and it works?. We think of this as a family of devices. But we’ll see. We’re going to learn from this, we’re going to see how that goes,? said Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft’s head of Xbox games marketing. Project Scorpio will be faster and more powerful than the PS4 Pro. The Xbox fans can play ?Xbox One titles on Scorpio. But Xbox Scorpio titles are not likely to run on Xbox One.

The Xbox Scorpio will be able to transfer 320GB/sec. A rumor has claimed that the device will not have 12GB of GDDR5 RAM. At present, the PS4 has the speed of 176GB/sec and the Xbox One has the speed of 68GB/sec. It is believed that Microsoft wants to target the PS4 market with its upcoming Xbox Scorpio.

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