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Xbox Project Scorpio Vs PS4 Pro: Specs, Cost, Console – Which Should You Buy?

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Xbox Project Scorpio release date, specs
PS4 Pro vs Xbox Project Scorpio

Microsoft teased us with its Xbox Project Scorpio for 2017 while Sony?s latest PS4 Pro dropped back in November. The battle between Xbox and PlayStation rages on as both the tech giants seek to occupy the top position in gaming console market. The PlayStation 4 Pro is currently the most powerful console in the market but the impending arrival of the Xbox Project Scorpio might turn out to be a game changer.

Microsoft and Sony are going in totally different direction when it comes to console upgrades. Sony clearly stated that this is not the beginning of a new console generation thereby adding Pro to its existing PlayStation 4. Microsoft, however, intends Project Scorpio as the beginning of the end of console life cycles.

While Microsoft has not stated the details of its upcoming Xbox, leaked details and rumors, however, have given us enough material to compare it with the PS4 Pro console.


Sony’s PS4 Pro is using a similar chip found in the standard PS4 with a slight boost to clock speed. The Pro runs at an impressive 2.13GHz, a decent improvement over the original model?s 1.6 speed.

PS4 Pro vs PS4

Similar to the PS4 Pro, the Xbox Scorpio will be packing an 8-core processor though its clock speed is unknown at this point. ?Microsoft?s Xbox Scorpio is expected to come with a newer, more powerful chip, especially coming a year after the PS4 Pro.

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Graphics (GPU, Memory Bandwidth)

The graphics memory is what matters the most for gaming consoles. Sony PS4 Pro has 8GB with additional 1GB of RAM set aside for background processes. The Xbox Scorpio will likely have 8GB of graphics memory at bare minimum, according to Trusted Reviews.

The Scorpio will, however, trump the PS4 Pro as it is said to boast six teraflops of graphical power. Microsoft has already branded it as the most powerful console ever. By comparison, the PS4 Pro clocks in at 4.2 teraflops, and both the standard PS4 and Xbox One have less than 2 teraflops of power. ?In terms of memory bandwidth, the Scorpio dominates the PS4 Pro with 320GB/s of bandwidth against 218GB/s.

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4K and VR performance

Both the consoles boast 4K and HDR output for games. However, Sony has said majority of the games will be upscaled rather than native 4K. Microsoft is claiming that compared to the PS4 Pro, only the Xbox Project Scorpio can offer ?true? 4K gameplay. The company said Project Scorpio will deliver ?the highest res, the best frame rate, with no compromises.?

Virtual Reality has become the next fab in the gaming industry. With increased processing power, both console promise performance upgrades for compatibility with virtual reality headsets. Sony launched its own PlayStation VR that retails at $399.99. That is pretty affordable and there are already a variety of exclusive titles for the PSVR. However, the PSVR is pretty much compatible with the regular PlayStation 4 and doesn?t require the PS4 Pro.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has not revealed plans for its own VR headset. The company is expected to partner with the Oculus Rift as they already provided an Xbox controller for the same. However, on the downside with Xbox Scorpio and Oculus Rift, the price is going to be much higher for VR gaming.

4K Blu-Ray Player

Another point to consider in comparison between the two is the 4K Blu-ray player. The Project Scorpio will most likely come with a 4K Blu-Ray player, as Microsoft has already equipped this year’s Xbox One S with one.

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The PS4 Pro, on other hand, does not have a 4K Blu-Ray player. However, it still can stream 4K content from services like Amazon Video and Netflix. Sony reasons that consumers don?t use physical blu-ray players anymore and instead prefer video-streaming.

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