Xbox Project Scorpio Updates: What We Know So Far

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Xbox Project Scorpio updates

The Xbox Project Scorpio is perhaps the most highly anticipated gaming console this year. The gaming console was announced by Microsoft last year during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2016). Since then, a lot has happened and the Xbox design team has been giving constant updates on the project. As we move ever closer to this year’s E3, more information is being detailed for the Project Scorpio.

It not unknown to many that the Project Scorpio will feature a monster of a GPU; capable of 6 trillion floating point calculations per second. The console is envisioned to be the most powerful gaming console ever. And it looks like Microsoft is right about it.

More emphasis on single player games

From the looks of it, the Xbox Project Scorpio team has been busy sweet talking game developers from everywhere. A few weeks ago, design lead Phil Spencer had a series of meetings with Japanese game developers. After which, he updated the gaming community that a number of developers have agreed to make games for the upcoming console.

Furthermore, it also looks like Microsoft is concentrating on single player games for the Project Scorpio. According to a series of Tweets, Spencer believes a strong line of single player games on the console is very crucial.

Big E3 reveal

While the official release of the Project Scorpio is still months away, a lot of gamers are pretty excited about the upcoming E3 event. Many believe that there is a high likelihood that Microsoft will start the pre-order period shortly after the event.

Although this may seem like a wild speculation, it is really possible to have the console on pre-order during the event. This is mainly because according to Spencer, Project Scorpio is almost ready to be officially unveiled. Nevertheless, the development team has yet to make the pricing official for the console. Perhaps that too, will happen on the said expo in Los Angeles starting on the 11th of June. For more updates on the Xbox Project Scorpio, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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