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Xbox One’s ‘Halo 5’ to ante up the competition with PC, PS4 and Wii U

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Halo 5

Halo 5


This is an age-long on-going ?war? between consoles and gaming platform. As the debate continues on which console is better between Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Valve and Nintendo aren?t ones to just sit back and eat popcorn while these two giants battle their way to their audiences screens. But in this battle-royale, Microsoft?s corporate vice-president safely places his bet on their own product and knows that it will own the battle.

However, for Phil Spencer, it?s not really a ?war? but rather a competition in the marketplace as he has big respect for these fellow companies too.

?I think it should be competitive, but the competition is in the marketplace. I have ton of respect for people at Sony and the franchises they build. The same with Nintendo, or my friends at Valve? In the end what we all wanna do is to take this art form of playing games and experiencing the breaking down of the wall between the narrative and interaction […] and just make a better form of entertainment.?

Although he?s all friendly with the other companies, and even stating the PlayStation 4 had a great launch, he also cites that Xbox One had its best launch ever.

?In terms of the concerns that people have in the social space, it’s usually about how we’re doing in the competition, against PlayStation, just to go directly towards that. They had a great launch. I would say, when I look at the PlayStation 4’s launch and the Xbox One’s? It?s been our best launch ever for an Xbox.?

And with Halo 5?s launch, even the fans could safely say that this would be another factor for Microsoft to get the upper hand to win the console war race. It hadn?t been performing well as many would expect from Xbox One due to poor marketing and the only way Xbox One was catching up was because of PlayStation 4?s shortage of stock. Victory for Xbox One might also be aided by another exclusive game ?Titanfall?.

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