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Xbox One X News: How to Prepare Yourself for the Xbox One X Release

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How to prepare yourself for the Xbox One Xo

The last couple of weeks have been quite big for Microsoft. Fresh off of the recently concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2017), the company finally announced when he Xbox One X will be released. Also, how much gamers will have to pay to get their hands on the high-end gaming console.

Apart from the price and the release date, Microsoft also let out quite a number of upcoming games for the console. Unfortunately, what it did not let everyone know is just how big these games are going to be.

Be ready to get whiplashed

A Microsoft representative spoke to Stevivor about the game downloads on the Xbox One X. According to the representative, a game download on the upcoming console will default to 4K resolution. This means gamers will need either a huge amount of patience or really freakishly fast internet connection.

A standard 900pixel resolution game on the Playstation 4 or the Xbox One ranges between 20GB to 40GB. On the other hand, a 1080p game on the Xbox One S is somewhere around 60GB. As for the Xbox One X, gamers can expect game download in the vicinity of 100GB per game.

How to prepare yourself for the Xbox One Xo

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Hold on to your wallet because it’s going for a ride

If the extremely huge download size is not enough to put anyone off, then there is the actual price of the console. During the E3 2017 event, Microsoft also announced that come Nov. 7, gamers will be able to buy the Xbox One X for a whopping $499.

To some gamers, this price is quite steep. Most consoles these days are within the $250 and $350 price range. However, given the fact that the upcoming console if uniquely powerful in its own right, perhaps the $499 is not so bad after all.

Sadly, after paying the hefty price tag, the expenses do not end there. For this who are fine waiting hours or days on end just to finish a download then a standard Internet connection if good enough. On the other hand, for those who have far shorter patience, you will find that waiting for days just to finish a 100GB download can be infuriating. For this, your only solution is to upgrade your existing Internet connection to something faster. And that costs money. And these days, fast Internet connection is not that cheap.

Finally, there is the issue of the television. Of course, there will be no point playing 4K games on a mediocre display. Owning a full HD television is already a considerable investment, let alone a 4K television set. As a bare minimum, anyone can expect to spend around $300 on a sub-50-inch 4K television from Amazon.

How to prepare yourself for the Xbox One Xo

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Is the Xbox One X really worth it?

For those who are looking for something out of the ordinary, the Xbox One X is well worth it. But as mentioned earlier, be prepared to shell out a few hundred in pursuit of something great.

However, for someone who is on a tight budget, this console is not for you. Furthermore, for those who already own the Xbox One S, you should take a good look and consider the downsides of upgrading to a slightly powerful machine. Most of the time, a full HD resolution game is more than enough for an afternoon of binge-gaming. Especially if you do not own a 4K television yet.

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