Xbox One Update for June Comes With External Storage and Real Name Support

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Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing a system update for the Xbox One that contains a handful of new features which include the much needed support for external hard drives as well as the option to display Xbox Live friends? real names. The update is scheduled to be released next month, June.

This June system update will allow Xbox One owners to connect a hard drive that is at least 256 GB in size via USB 3.0. The extra space can be used to store games, apps, and add-ons. Xbox One owners will be able to copy and use full games as well as any associated downloadable content to the external drive. The files in the external drive can then be played on another console if the owner chooses to. To validate the authenticity of the game files though,? the owner will need to verify their ownership by signing into their Xbox Live account or by having the game disc in the system?s optical drive.

Another major feature of this coming update will add real name support to the Xbox Live friend list. Players will now be able to view and share their real names rather than relying on the Xbox Live Gamertags. To protect privacy, the user can choose how they want their real names to be shared. Various options will include being able to share real names to all friends, a chosen subset of friends, friends of friends, or nobody at all. Real names won?t display in games and the preferences can easily be changed in the setting, according to Microsoft.

SmartGlass will also be getting new features together with this update. According to Microsoft, they will be adding the entire OneGuide experience as well as adding universal remote control support to SmartGlass.

Some other features include auto sign in for accounts when the Xbox One gets powered on so that it is much more convenient for owners.

In the video below, you?ll hear Microsoft?s Larry Hyrb together with Richard Irving, as they go through some of the main features in the coming update. It?s a quick walk-through, but very informative.

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