Xbox One ? The First Gaming Console To Be Approved In China

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Within days from the time when pre-orders for Xbox One opened, Microsoft has made an announcement that the gaming console will be made available in China on the 23rd of September this year.

The platform will come in a bundle for 3699 RMB (that?s $600 in the U.S.). The package will include the system, NeverWinter Online, and a copy of Powerstar Golf. A free access to the Xbox Live Gold will also be included, with the subscription being good until March next year. Details as to whether Kinetic will be coming with the system has?not been revealed yet.

Microsoft has also announced that the bundle will feature a Chinese (localized) interface, local payment methods, and a warranty of 2 years. Those who will purchase the package will also gain access to BesTV entertainment experience. For those who do not have any idea as to what BesTV is, it?s actually one of the major media companies in China serving as the developer?s partner in bringing the platform to the nation.

Once the gaming console will be launched in China, consumers can also opt to go for the special 4299 RMB ($700) Xbox One Day One edition. The system, a commemorative controller, a Kinect camera, as well as a day one Xbox Live profile achievement are included in this deal. Copies of Neverwinter Online Commemorative Edition, Kinect Sports Rivals, Powerstar Golf, and Forza Motorsport 5: Racing Game of the Year will also be included.

For those who will take advantage of the Xbox One deals that will be offered in China, you will also be provided with access to BesTV services, along with 2 different movies per month ? for FREE. During the first year, owners will also be able to enjoy sports programming, including the English Premier League ? also so for FREE.

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