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Xbox One System Update: No Special Additions, But Pressing Bugs Now Fixed

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The latest system update has no special additional features included, but it fixes some of the bugs.

A new system update has arrived for the Xbox One, but Larry ?Major Nelson? Hryb said that fans should not get excited over the new update as there will be no new added features for the Microsoft console but more on fixing some bugs found in the system. However, it was not specified what bugs they are mentioning about for the system update, Major Nelson also added that there will be no patch notes to detail what was fixed or changed during the system update. Major Nelson left a tweet in regards to the update:

?A system update update for Xbox One is going out today. It?s got a few behind the scenes bug fixes. No new features though.?

The most recent major update for Xbox One was the Xbox Experience, which was launched last November offered a major overhaul on the dashboard, with revamped console UI and opened backwards compatibility support for Xbox 360 games, though Microsoft provides monthly system updates for the console to ensure stability. Unfortunately there is nothing new to be introduced for this month?s system update.

But aside from the system update, Xbox One users can expect some updates for the Xbox 360 compatibility list, as the January lineup of upcoming Xbox 360 supported games will be revealed soon according to Xbox chief Phil Spencer. Xbox engineers are playtesting the games to be added on the list, as they have to make sure that the Xbox 360 games will work perfectly on the Xbox One as there was a recent issue that was encountered when playing Halo Reach as it suffers from frame rate and graphics issues.

The Xbox One backwards compatibility program has already over a hundred Xbox 360 games available to be played on the current gen console and 16 more titles were added to the list last December. The next Xbox One System Update is expected to arrive on February, but no details if there will be new features to be introduced.

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