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Xbox One Slim vs PS4 Neo: Which Is More Promising Console?

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The competition between the gaming consoles of Sony and Microsoft keeps heating up as they unveil its upgraded versions. The battle between Xbox One Slim vs PS4 Neo could have a surprising outcome. Which is going to be the better console?

Xbox One Slim

Reports have indicated that Microsoft may be on the verge of releasing a new version of the Xbox One device supposedly releasing at E3 2016 next month. Previous reports have mentioned that Microsoft is pushing to release a slimmer version of the Xbox One on or before the E3 2016 conference but details are still unclear on whether or not the device will be an upgraded version or a slimmer version.

There are still no details on the specs of the supposed Xbox Slim but Gamespot shared that rumors of a new Xbox controller will also be revealed. Gamespot also added that a wireless HDMI display adapter could be added.

PS4 Neo

On the other hand, Polygon reported that Sony has already confirmed that it will be releasing a new version of its console called PS4 Neo but unfortunately won?t be revealed at the upcoming E3. PS4 Neo is reported to feature a faster 2.1GHz clock speed and faster GDDR4 RAM. The new version of the Playstation could also be bundling with the Playstation VR when it launches.

Sony executive Andrew House also confirmed that the PS4 Neo will be able to support video and games at up to 4K resolution. Engadget shared that all games released under the new version of the console will still be able to support the original model.

Which is the better console?

The PS4 Neo could be the better choice in this situation since its upgraded model with 4K resolution may be the next big thing players are looking for in the future. But if you?re a bonafide Xbox fanatic, choosing the slimmer Xbox One will still be a great choice.

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