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Xbox One Slim Leaked Ahead Of E3 Launch: What We Know So Far

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Ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016, we have been graced by gaming leaks by the gaming gods. But this new leak can get people really excited as a new Xbox One Slim allegedly surfaces ahead of the event. In a report by CNet, the Xbox One Slim would be called Xbox One S which does not only come in a slimmer and sleeker design but also comes with a 4K Ultra HD video support and a High Dynamic Range. In addition, it is likely to come out with a 2 TB of storage. This doubles the capacity of the original Xbox One, as pointed out by the report. This makes earlier reports hold water. Also, coinciding with earlier reports and rumors, the Xbox One S seems to be 40 percent smaller than the current Xbox One.

In a Forbes article, it was revealed that this leak came from NeoGaf. More images can be seen in their forum here. Dave Thier in his Forbes article made a disclaimer essentially stating that fans should take this with a grain of salt as images could have been manipulated and photoshopped. But he, in his expert opinion, considering the proximity to the E3 announcement and the ?general believability? of such images, persuade him to lean towards that this leak is legit. Thier, in his Forbes article, adds that if Microsoft would peg this new Xbox One S at a lower price, it may benefit them but not at a point where they would likely match and, more so, top the PS4 in sales.

There are also other leaks concerning Microsoft?s E3 announcements. It has been suggested that they will come out with a TV streaming stick. If this is true and the speculation that Microsoft will connect ?its different lines through a universal Windows platform pegged on Windows 10, then they might just be a little closer to this goal with the new TV streaming stick.

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