Xbox One Scorpio Specs And Features: 4K Support, VR, And More Confirmed By Microsoft At E3 2016

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Xbox One Scorpio

The next console from Microsoft will be Xbox One Scorpio as confirmed by Microsoft during their E3 2016 briefing. The new Xbox console is coming in Holiday 2017. From the E3 stage, Xbox head ?Phil Spencer shared details about the Xbox One Scorpio specs and features.

The highly rumored project Scorpio is now official and the improved version of Microsoft?s current generation console will be capable of running 4K native games. The new console will also support virtual reality and will feature a massive improvement in speed with six teraflops of power.

After confirming the Halo Wars 2 Beta, Microsoft revealed a lot of new information regarding its upcoming console. According to Xbox head Phil Spencer, Scorpio will have six Teraflops computing capabilities.

The company has put some of the most powerful graphic processors to date. Microsoft?s upcoming console will surely make gamers and developers happy as the console will feature a powerful GPU. ?The company revealed that the new console will have eight CPU cores, over 320GB per second of memory bandwidth.

With Xbox Scorpio, the games can be rendered at 60Hz and the device can offer fully uncompressed pixels. It means that gamers can now experience something that nobody has ever seen in console gaming. In terms of performance, Microsoft claims that its console will deliver the best experience to console players.

One of the most interesting things Microsoft has revealed today is that the Xbox One Scorpio will support virtual reality. The company affirms that everything they have done on their Xbox One console will be supported by the new console. Both consoles will support each others? accessories as well.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox One Scorpio will eliminate the barriers. The company always aspires to deliver the latest technology and improved solutions to all of its fans, game developers, and with the Xbox One Scorpio, the company promises to deliver the same. Microsoft says that they have developed the console that both developers and fans have always wanted to see.

According to Phil Spencer the console will be launched next year and it will be ?the most powerful console ever built.? The Xbox One, Xbox One Scorpio, and Xbox S will support each other?s games and accessories, he added.

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