Xbox One Scorpio: Why Sony’s Regular PS4 Will Still Have Better Gaming Performance

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Xbox One Scorpio

Microsoft and Sony?s console battle seems to be a never-ending thing. Both Sony and Microsoft had their press conferences at E3 2016, and undoubtedly, the events were amazing. While the only thing we know so far about the PS4 Neo is that it exists, Microsoft has fully revealed the Xbox One Scorpio during their press conference. Both new consoles are upgraded versions of the current-gen consoles, but it seems that Sony PS4 still has a competitive edge over Microsoft. Considering the Xbox One Scorpio specifications, it seems that Sony?s PlayStation 4 will beat the console in terms of performance.

Most games during this gen look great and have better frame-rate performance on PS4 when compared to the Xbox One. Sony?s console makes the gameplay experience smooth and visually rich. On the other hand, the current Xbox One console is having difficulty in matching the performance of PS4.

Many assume that the Xbox One Scorpio can address all of these issues. However, it seems that games on the Scorpio will still have the same frame-rate performance. Microsoft Studios General Manager Shannon Loftis told GameInformer that they don?t want to alienate owners of the regular Xbox One whenever they engage in a multiplayer battle against those who own Scorpio.

“You don’t necessarily want to create two different mechanics for two different configurations,” Loftis said.

According to Microsoft, it will lock the frame-rate at 60fps because the company won?t be asking the game developers to develop separate versions of the game for consoles. In simple terms, Microsoft says the Xbox One Scorpio will offer graphical fidelity, but it won?t have a smoother gaming performance. Because of this, most multiplatform games will still probably run better on the PS4.

The slight but significant difference between Xbox One and PS4 specifications is not the only thing that makes PS4 stand out. While VR is something new in the Xbox family with the Project Scorpio, Sony?s Shuhei Yoshida has already confirmed that the standard PS4 can run Virtual Reality games via PlayStation VR.

Microsoft said the Xbox One Scorpio was also made with VR in mind because the current-gen consoles are unable to bring out the true VR experience. We don?t want to force VR into a middle ground between the scale that we see in mobile, and what our customers [expect],? Xbox boss Phil Spencer told Wired. ?We don?t want to force VR into a middle ground between the scale that we see in mobile, and what our customers [expect].?

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