Xbox One Scorpio Price: Microsoft’s Console To Cost Over $600?

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Xbox One Scorpio

Microsoft has already released the Xbox One S and is seeking to release their 4K-compatible ?Project Scorpio? console soon. However, Xbox Game Marketing head Aaron Greenberg confirmed in an interview that the console will be a premium product. Will the price of Xbox One Scorpio skyrocket to over $600?

According to Dualshockers, Microsoft?s Greenberg didn?t drop any specifics about the Xbox One Scorpio price, but they do intend to sell the Scorpio as a ?premium product.? Greenberg?s description of the Scorpio implies that the console has high specs and flexible compatibility with the previous Xbox One games. Because of the functionalities of the upcoming Project Scorpio, its price may indeed skyrocket.

According to Greenberg, Xbox One Scorpio will bring?six teraflops of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) power to the console market.? Technically, this is six times better than the vanilla PS4?s 1.84 teraflops and the original Xbox One?s 1.31 teraflops.

Meanwhile, according to Eurogamer?s data on the PS4 Neo, the rumored specs of the PS4 Neo include only 4.2 teraflops, which makes the upcoming Scorpio stronger in processing graphics. However, both the upcoming Sony and Microsoft 4K consoles have yet to finalize their specs, so we can?t be sure of that yet.

Microsoft may have the right to have a high starting Xbox One Scorpio price if their hardware is better than Sony?s upcoming console. However, Microsoft may lose their customers to their competitors for having an expensive console.

Additionally, the current Xbox One library is experiencing a heavy lack of console exclusives to attract players to their side. Though it has been confirmed that Project Scorpio will be able to play Xbox One games and even use 4K resolution for compatible titles, more players may opt to buy a console that gets console exclusives than one with just strong hardware. Microsoft?s console should have a successful, smash-hit game so the company can attract players of their rival console. Regardless if Xbox One Scorpio is a ?premium product? or not, Microsoft could risk losing most of the console audience again if they price it too expensively.

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