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Xbox One Scorpio Price: Microsoft To Sell Upgraded Console Below $500?

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Xbox One Scorpio Price

Microsoft?s upcoming console upgrade, Xbox One Scorpio, has been creating a lot of buzz even before its official announcement at E3 2016. Microsoft has revealed the release details, but it has not discussed the Xbox One Scorpio price. However, the company and industry?s key people have hinted the possible price of the new console, and if the reports are something to go by, Microsoft would sell its upcoming console for less than US$500.

Game developers are one of the best sources to get information about the industry, and sometimes they drop key information. During an interview with Gamingbolt, CD Projekt RED designer Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz expressed his thoughts on the Xbox One Scorpio price, and he said that he doesn?t think that Microsoft?s upcoming console will be expensive.

?No I don?t think [it?ll cost too much]. I think they?ll keep the prices the way they always have. It?s still sometime in the future,? said Tomaszkiewicz.

If we look into Microsoft?s history, the company has sold the Xbox One with Kinect back in 2013 for $499.99. The price of Microsoft?s console has now drastically dropped. In UK Stores, the standard Xbox One and Xbox 360 are now being sold for the same price. Microsoft has slashed the price of their current-generation console, and the company is selling the product at just ?199.99, the Daily Star reported.

No matter what comes happens, in the end, getting Xbox One at this low price is a great treat for interested buyers because the company has already confirmed that there will be no separate games for their upcoming consoles. The Xbox One Scorpio won?t have games that aren?t playable on the regular Xbox One console. Despite this, a large number of Xbox owners are interested in buying the console to enjoy the visual improvements the new hardware will bring.

Those who don?t want to spend hundreds of dollars on gaming PCs may find Xbox One Scorpio a smart deal, as the upcoming console is packed with high performing components.

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