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Xbox One Scorpio Launch Title To Include Scalebound?

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Xbox One Scorpio

Microsoft?s E3 2016 conference brought a lot of fresh details regarding the company?s plans for the future of its Xbox consoles and upcoming games. The company announced two of its ambitious projects, Xbox One S and Project Scorpio, during the event. According to Xbox head Phil Spencer, Scorpio will be available in the fall of 2017. As the company made it very clear that there won?t be any individual games for Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One Scorpio, there are chances that the company would launch some new titles bundled with the upcoming consoles. It is said that Scalebound will be bundled with the new console.

Developed by Platinum Games, Scalebound is slated for a 2017 release on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. The game will be available as a Play Anywhere title. In an interview with Metro, Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Games said that the studio is working on the game to make it bigger than originally planned. According to the developer, the upcoming game will now become more complicated and large after the delay.

The revelations can be taken as a hint that the game might be available once Microsoft launches Xbox One Scorpio. Kamiya?s statement that the game will be bigger than what the studio has been planning is presumably a sign that Microsoft wants to push the title?s capabilities to match the Xbox One Scorpio specifications.

We learned at E3 that the upcoming console will be more powerful than the original Xbox One console. The specifications revealed by the company have made it very clear that Microsoft?s new console would require additional work from game developers.

Scalebound could be a great fit for Xbox One Scorpio, but Microsoft has yet to announce its next move for the ambitious project. Platinum Games has not given any specific release date for Scalebound, so in case we don?t get a release date announcement by the end of this year, the chances are high that the game will be bundled with Microsoft?s 4K console.

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