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Xbox One Scorpio Dropping 4K Display Support?

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Microsoft has announced two gaming consoles at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). There were speculations that the Xbox Scorpio will have 4K display support. However, the latest reports suggest that it will not, at least, not for all the games.

According to GameSpot, head of the Xbox project Phil Spencer has explained that it is not mandatory that every game will run at 4K. This means the upcoming Xbox will not upscale the games to 4K. The only games with 4K support will run with Ultra High Definition (UHD).

On his Twitter account, when questioned about the 1080p at 60fps, Spenser said, “We’ll talk more about this later, but we never said we’d mandate 4K frame buffer, we won’t.”

Microsoft is not planning exclusive games for Xbox Scorpio and most of the current games do not support 4K.

Talking to Giant Bomb at E3, Spencer said, “One thing we should make sure that everyone understands is, every game that comes out in the Xbox One family will run on the original Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Scorpio, so we have had some questions, ‘Are there going to be Scorpio-exclusive games?’ No, the line of games you’re going to get to play is the same.”

Moreover, there are also chances that Xbox Scorpio will not support 4K games at all. As the have reported earlier the current 4K graphic cards are very expensive.

The current 4K graphic cards are very expensive. Starting at $400, the most expensive one costs $1000. If the company integrates 4K GPU in its upcoming gaming console, it will cost at least $800.

The Xbox Scorpio is expected to hit the market in the end of new year. If the company launches this high-end 4K gaming console without exclusive games, it would be a total waste of money. We hope that Microsoft will be planning to solve this problem.

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