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Xbox One S vs Xbox One: Is It Worth The Upgrade?

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The Xbox One S has finally been released by Microsoft. While gamers worldwide have been excited ever since its launch was announced during last June?s Electronic Entertainment Expo, some might still be wondering how the new console compares to its predecessor, the Xbox One.

If you are among those who are still uncertain about upgrading, we have rounded up the several Xbox One S features to help you decide.



In terms of size, the the Xbox One S is 40 percent smaller than its predecessor at 9.125 x 11.7 x 2.5 inches only.

The new console is also more lightweight at just 6.4 pounds. This is mainly due to the elimination of Xbox One?s bulky power brick, since the Xbox One S is equipped with a built-in power supply.

Microsoft has also moved the Xbox One?s USB port from the side of the console to the lower left part of the front face in the new model. The Xbox One S also has an IR blaster on the opposite side of the USB port, just below the power button.

The back portion of the new console is pretty similar to its predecessor. One difference is the Kinect on this iteration of the Xbox, since those who want to use it would now need a special adapter.

Xbox One S


Based on initial reviews, the Xbox One S allegedly does not have that much standout, out-of-the-box capabilities compared to the Xbox One.

Gamers will still have to patiently wait through long downloads to be able to enjoy UHD streaming, 4K Blu-ray playback, and HDR video. Nonetheless, Xbox One S users will be able to enjoy new features, such as Cortana.



Just last weekend, Microsoft announced the new discounted price for the Xbox One. Currently priced at $249, gamers understood that the old model was placed on a special promo in order to make way for the new Xbox One S.

The latest console is offered with the 2TB bundle at $399 and Microsoft is expected to launch two additional models.

The 1TB model will go for $349 and will be paired with the ?NFL Madden 17.? Gamers can also get the 2TB version bundled with ?Gears of War 4? at $449.

Meanwhile, the 500GB bundle worth $299 comes with the ?Halo 5: Guardians? and ?Halo: Master Chief Collection.?


Should you upgrade?

Based on the features gathered by TheBitBag, it seems that the Xbox One S is a glorified UHD media player and will only be a good investment for those who own a UHD television.

With Microsoft due to release their true UHD console in 2017, gamers who are strapped on cash might prefer to just wait a little longer.


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