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Xbox One S vs PlayStation 4: Is Sony Still A Good Buy?

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The Xbox One S was released by Microsoft earlier this month, much to the excitement of gamers around the world. While many have been looking forward to its launch ever since it was announced during last June?s Electronic Entertainment Expo, some might still be wondering how it compares to the current PlayStation 4.

To help gamers decide which one is the better buy, we have rounded up features to compare the two highly coveted gaming consoles.


The Xbox One S measures 9.125 x 11.7 x 2.5 inches only, making it 40 percent smaller than its predecessor. It is also lighter at just 6.4 pounds, specifically because of its built-in power device that eliminated the need for the Xbox One?s bulky power brick.

The PlayStation 4 is just slightly bigger than the new Xbox One S, measuring 10.8 x 12 x 2 inches. However, it is more lightweight at just 6.06 pounds.

In the new Xbox One S, the old model?s USB port has been moved from the side of the console to the lower left part of the front face. The latest version also has an IR blaster on the opposite side of the USB port, located just below the power button. The back portion of the Xbox One S is almost identical to its predecessor.

Tech Radar reviewed that Sony?s latest gaming console has the advantage of hiding ports too. However, some find it quite hard to plug cables into the back of the system.

Photo from Xbox.com

Photo from Xbox.com


Apart from a few new features such as Cortana, initial reviews have claimed that the Xbox One S does not have that many software capabilities that makes it stand out from the Xbox One. Users still have to patiently wait through long downloads in order to experience UHD streaming, 4K Blu-ray playback, and HDR video.

PlayStation 4 reviews and comparisons have mentioned the console?s wireless connectivity capabilities. PS4 makes room for gigabit ethernet and 802.11 WiFi bands b/g/n. Even though both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were launched with 500GB hard drives and currently have 1TB variants, only PS4 allows user-replaceable internal drives.



The Xbox One S was released by Microsoft after its predecessor was placed on special discounted promos. The new console is offered with the 2TB bundle at $399. The 1TB model will go for $349 and will be paired with the ?NFL Madden 17,? while the 2TB version will be bundled with ?Gears of War 4? at $449. There will also be a 500GB bundle worth $299, which will already include ?Halo 5: Guardians? and ?Halo: Master Chief Collection.?

Meanwhile, Amazon?s current PlayStation 4 bundles start at $349.

It was announced last May that Sony has already been able to sell over 40 million PS4 units. This has made the PlayStation 4 the top-selling gaming console worldwide, beating Microsoft Xbox One?s 21 million units.

How do you think will the Xbox One S fare versus Sony?s hit gaming console? Let us know by commenting below and make sure to keep following TheBitbag for the latest gaming and technology news. ?

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