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Xbox One S Update: How Project Scorpio Will Affect the New Xbox One S Console?

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Xbox head Phil Spencer did not waste time announcing the upcoming Project Scorpio shortly after they launched the Xbox One S console at the recent E3 2016 event. According to reports, Project Scorpio is designed to have more powerful specifications than the Xbox One control, but the question is, where will this leave the new Xbox One S?

In his interview, featured on Gamestop, Spencer said ?Scorpio is more powerful than the original Xbox One, four and a half times. And the six teraflops will impact the games and how they play.? He also added that Project Scorpio will also have its own games designed to fit the project?s specifications. Also, gamers who have been wondering whether Xbox One games will be available on Project Scorpio, Spencer said they will; and every single title in the old console.

Meanwhile, does Microsoft plan on capitalizing on the new Xbox One S console, hoping that the competition against the PS4 will narrow down incredibly? The idea may be clear, but Spencer contradicted the notion by implying that, performance wise, he still advises Xbox One owners to stay put and not rush on buying the Xbox One S.

He said ?If you already have an Xbox One, don’t go buy an Xbox One S thinking your games are going to play better. If you like the design or if you want the 4K streaming great. HDR? Great. But I’m not trying to upgrade you there.?

In a sense, they did upgrade something, but for merely design and 4K streaming, Microsoft may just need to do more than that in order to sell their entry level console at $300.

So why release a new console just to replace it with a more powerful one in a few months? As to where developers will end up with the new Project Scorpio, Spencer said ?If developers were to not use those six teraflops in other ways, they’re free to do that.? According to GamesRadar, game developers didn?t have a problem with Project Scorpio; in fact, according to ?Dead Rising 4? executive producer Bryce Cochrane, they?re looking forward to a more powerful resolution in order to accommodate their game concepts. What do you of the Xbox One S and the supposed Project Scorpio from Microsoft? For more updates, check on

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