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Xbox One S Confirmed; See Price and Release Date Here

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An all new Xbox One console has been confirmed and it?s called the Xbox One S. According to Kotaku, Microsoft announced the coming of the console at the E3 2016. This move was something that was expected after Phil Spencer previously mentioned that they are not interested in an Xbox One incremental upgrade, but rather an overhaul. The Xbox One Slim, also known as the Xbox One S, is said to be at least 40 percent smaller than the original Xbox One console and it is coming this August.

The initial price for the entry level is at $300, but it varies depending on the hard-drive size. If you wish to have the 500GB version of the console, you can take it home for the price of only $300. The 1TB version, on the other hand, will come out at $350 and the 2TB Xbox One S at $400. Kotaku also confirmed that prior to Microsoft?s big reveal, NeoGaf was able to release an image of the Xbox One S and by the looks of it, you might see something that is totally familiar yet different.

Initially codenamed as ?Edmonton?, the Xbox One Slim was essentially kept under wraps. Given how the Xbox console trails the PS4 console, it?s quite understandable how Microsoft wants to save the best for last. During the E3 2016 event, it was also expected of Sony to reveal the rumored NEO, but regardless of what they tried to do, Microsoft did exceptional in the previous event. Interestingly, there is also Project Scorpio, said to be an even more powerful version of the Xbox One S. Project Scorpio was also revealed during the E3 2016 event. ?

Not only did Microsoft reveal an exceptional Xbox One, but also profiled the controller that came with the console. The description of the unit says ?Introducing the new Xbox One S, featuring a 40% smaller console, a 2Tb hard drive, 4k Ultra HD video, High Dynamic Range, a streamlined controller, and vertical stand.?

Rumors about the Xbox One console getting an upgrade or overhaul broke after Microsoft introduced their first ever cross-network play feature on the console. Interested to know more about the Xbox One Slim console? Make sure to follow for more news.

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