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Xbox One Now Allows Players To Video Chat While Gaming

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Xbox One allows Skype video chat while playing

Almost one year ago today, details about the new Xbox One has been revealed by Microsoft. At that time, they announced that an element that will make it really interesting is its ability to ?snap? a Skype video call while playing a game. However, that feature is noticeably absent when the Xbox One was released in November 2013. But now, the technology giant quietly updated their popular gaming console to finally apply that long-awaited feature.

Xbox One?s Snap feature permits an app to be launched on the right side of a display panel while the rest of the display is used by a user to watch movies or play games. Prior to this recent update, Skype can only be used separately and if you are to use it while doing anything else, you would have to leave your current game or app.

In a blog entry posted by Skype in their website, they mentioned that they have been working hard to deliver this feature to the Microsoft console in the past few months. They explained that with this update, you can engage in video or voice calls with another user while in the middle of a game. You should also be able to control the call?s volume, add another person or persons to the call, turn the camera off or on again, and hang up, all of those without the need to leave your game or movie.

With this handy innovation, Microsoft is finally putting Xbox One?s 8 GB RAM to good use. Gaming console enthusiasts commented that a Snap app like Skype may strain the system but they are still unsure as further testing will be needed to see if this feature is running smoothly. Microsoft rolled out this update alongside other Xbox One system updates including chat volume controls while using Kinect and a new option to mix sounds for snapped apps.

This feature can still be useful even to those who are not keen in doing video chats while gaming. They may snap the Skype app and do a voice call instead to invite another user to a multiplayer game. Meanwhile, it is interesting to know that this remarkable feature is implemented just now, realizing that Microsoft intends to sell a new, lesser-priced version of Xbox One without Kinect this coming June.


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