Xbox One ‘Needs Simultaneous Launch’ to be Successful in Japan

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While in an earlier report, we mentioned that the Xbox One was in danger of losing out to the PS4 if only in terms of more game developers choosing to release exclusively with the latter, the director of Dynasty Warriors 8, Atsushi Miyauchi, said that if Xbox One chooses to launch in the same window of time as the PS4, it has a chance to become relevant.

Timing is a big part of not being left behind, he further reiterated. Xbox One, if it wants to sell in Japan as well as the PS4, needs to launch the same time as it would in North America.

In another comment done during the a PAX Australia event, Miyauchi said that if both devices launch on different times, the Xbox is dangerously close to being snubbed. However, launch at the same time as PS4, and it makes a whole world of difference. What the Xbox has going for it is its specs?the CPU, the graphics?in truth, in terms of these things being the barometer, the PS4 isn?t that far-off from the Xbox. There are also areas where the Xbox One may be equal or even better. If the Xbox does not have a delayed release in Japan, he says, the chances for Microsoft?s next-gen console will drastically increase.

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Still, how better would the console fare in a country where its predecessor didn?t do quite so well? Miyauchi stated that the problems were because of the brand loyalty. Sony?s head office is located in Japan, and as a result, the Japanese market is highly loyal to the PlayStation brand and all consoles that it has since developed. He likened the phenomena to phones, where if Japanese has a phone that they like already, then they?ll stick to that phone and to the brand as well. In the Western market, buyers tend to go to the brand which has better features rather than stick to one brand regardless if it?s better or not than the competition.

The market is still wide open for these consoles to appeal to them. Some developers still don?t have a clear picture of what the console can do for them, most of them based in Japan. Some companies, however, like Konami and Square Enix, have already shown what the consoles can do with their new game engines.

Unfamiliarity plays a big part on the developers either snubbing or endorsing releases for either console, Miyauchi says. They can pitch all they want, but as of the moment, there are still areas that are grey. They don?t have that much information until either console sends an official pitch to them, then, that?s the time when they?ll understand what the console could do for them, and how they can package their games for it. Either things are really moving slowly, or that PlayStation and Microsoft are both waiting for a fancier platform to showcase what their console can do. That could either be a game show like the Tokyo Game Show, or an official event for each of their respective brands.

Still, competition like this is great for the industry, the developers, and the gamers themselves. With Microsoft and Sony being kept on their toes, expect them to improve upon each game release.

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