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Xbox One Mouse & Keyboard Support: Top PC-only Games We Want To Play In Console

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Xbox One Mouse-and-Keyboard-Support

In an interview with PCGamesN, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer stated that Microsoft will be launching Play Anywhere–a function that allows players to play select games on the Xbox One and on the PC. This means that Xbox One mouse and keyboard support is now on the horizon. Spencer revealed that they are months away from having this down.

Also, Play Anywhere is a ??cross-buy? support that will be available first for Microsoft first-party games but the tech giant also encourages third party developers to sign up. So with that in mind, what PC games would you like to play on your Xbox One using a mouse and keyboard? We will go through a list of games that you might want to get. But first, let?s keep in mind that as pointed out by Spencer, some games are pretty much console only (for now) like League of Legends and the likes. So these type of games are out of the equation.

Halo Series

First, Halo is a Microsoft first-party game series. In a report by PC Gamer, Halo 5?s Forge Level creation tool will be released to PC for free and so will be the next installment–Halo 6. But what about the other Halo games? Would Microsoft create some backwards compatibility to cater for this? It would be pretty cool for them to do so.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

This PC-exclusive has been long awaited for a console release. This game let?s you ride horses and engage in personal medieval combat on a huge scale. This is the new installment to Mount & Blade: Warband and is set 200 years earlier. This game is expected to be released on PC soon this year. We can only hope that it will find itself on console once the Xbox One mouse and keyboard support is out.


Routine is a PC-exclusive Sci Fi survival horror game that lets space robots chase them in the blackness of space, not to mention that it is set in an automated space station that is programmed to kill. This game looks like it can do well in the Xbox One–making it available to many more people.

Are you excited for the Xbox One mouse and keyboard support? Do you agree with us that these three games need to be available on it? What other top games do you have in mind? Leave your comments below.

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