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Xbox One Gets Needed Boost from Microsoft Big Boss

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Microsoft is en route to becoming a company that is widely associated with cloud-computing and mobile software and hardware. That being said, this is not the only direction that they?re focused on. Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, said that despite all this, he?s got only good things to say about Microsoft?s Xbox One. However, that doesn?t mean things are going well for the Xbox One, and in general, the Xbox brand.

One would-have been CEO in Stephen Elop has floated the idea about selling off everything related to Xbox when he went on his bid for leadership. As if to aggravate matters further, even Microsoft?s big boss, Bill Gates, said he would support any move to sell the division if it doesn?t do good. But that doesn?t seem to be in Nadella?s agenda as of the moment, even promising thorough commitment, to support the embattled console.

He shared his thoughts in a message, further stressing on the importance of the Xbox to the Microsoft family. The rumors, he said, came from Microsoft?s commitment to making good business choices and decisions where they can have the maximum impact and success. He did, however, realize that gaming is a big business in terms of money and time spent on development, and the Xbox is well-geared to become their arm in this particular field. He said that Microsoft will continue on with the Xbox brand, and that the brand will continue to deliver innovation. He owes this, he said, to the growing online community and the raving fan base of the Xbox.

The point he is trying to drive across is that even though Microsoft is a proven name in other markets such as PC OS, there is potential in gaming; it would be very foolish for Microsoft to just abandon the project when the potential for it is so great. And it?s a chance for them to show how committed they are to consumers, as the gaming industry is more about consumer-facing hardware and software rather than ready-made software just being delivered without a personal touch.

This isn?t to say, though, that Xbox is altogether separate from the company and its glitzier family. The Xbox is being viewed as some sort of testing field; there are a lot of things to experiment with, and those experiments, while rooted in gaming, can be used in a wide variety of applications when used outside of that arena.

What can these technologies be? Well, if you?ve used Kinect before, you can be sure that they are looking into the way they can improve their camera and motion-capturing tech. If you?re using Skype, they?ve incorporated voice recognition tech in there. The same goes for Azure Cloud?s GPU simulation and many other brands using tech that was essentially gleaned from the Xbox. That being said, this incorporated tech will help both the fans of the Xbox as well as add other ways to do business for Microsoft.

In this regard, Microsoft should look no further to find an example of what it?s been trying to do than its closest and most potent rival, Sony. With the PlayStation, Sony has since then incorporated use of the machine and the tech its developed to create more business opportunities for the PlayStation brand. There are plans being made for the Vita and Vita TV, as well as the Morpheus and PlayStation Now. This space is growing and it?s only getting bigger. While Xbox One may have been stumbling as of recently, the opportunities for it to grow further is there for the taking.


(-with excerpts from Forbes)

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