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Xbox One Experience Preview And Launch Date: What To Expect

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The Xbox One is now reaching a new era. During the recent launch of Halo 5: Guardians, Microsoft also unveils the Windows 10-powered new Xbox One Experience (or known as NXOE). The new update will feature a Windows 10 theme on the interface and backwards compatibility to select Xbox 360 games, the new Xbox One Experience will roll out in November.

Surprisingly, some testers discovered that Cortana, the digital personal assistance that was based on the same character in the Halo series (also known as the cooler Siri version of Microsoft) hiding in the settings menu of NXOE, though some are uncertain if Cortana will become available on the upcoming update as Xbox Live director of programming Larry ?Major Nelson? Hryb stated that Cortana will not be included in the update. However he stated that the official version with Cortana included will be available to preview testers later in 2015 and will roll out to the public in 2016.

The testers who had the chance to preview the NXOE shared some interesting features, such as a quick shortcut for your friends list and notifications, a much organized settings menu to avoid the hassle of navigating through the menu, the Community tab where you can manage your social groups, recorded game footage and screenshots and a revamp Microsoft Store for games.

Adding Cortana to the NXOE is not that new, as Microsoft experimented on voice commands for their Xbox Kinect accessory for the Xbox 360, though Cortana is more useful as it offers more on cross-platform integration. The move on launching the new Xbox One Experience is a great way to show that the Xbox One is now a unified multi-device platform to the Windows 10 family and a great way to attract more consumers to use the said operating system as their universal platform for their PC, smartphones and tablets.

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