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?Xbox One? Controller And Hardware Upgrade In Newest Bundle Pack: Release Date, Price Revealed

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This will be the first bundle for Microsoft that will feature their Xbox One Elite Controller, but aside from the new controller, the Xbox One will be having some upgrades. They will be sporting a 1TB SDD and HDD hybrid for the first time, and it will cost at $499

All of the current gen consoles and even the last gen are using the standard HDD to store save and game data as well as digital games. As the current gen consoles require you to install some game files from your disc into the hard drive, transferring files will take a while as the HDD only runs at 5400 RPM and loading the games may even take some time.

The idea of using an SSD for the console is great as it hasten the read and write speed by almost double from the conventional HDD, not SSDs has its drawback, the cheaper models only offer a smaller capacity and using a larger sized storage will dramatically increase the cost and even affect the overall price tag of the console, especially with the latest games having a size of around 30GB. So to remedy this dilemma, a SSD-HHD hybrid was introduced.

The Elite controller was announced last June at E3 2015. It provides a different feel to the conventional Xbox One controller with a textured rolling pad instead of the classic d-pad with a new hair trigger locks for its trigger buttons. And the best part is that the rolling pad and hair lock triggers are swappable to their original parts in case players would prefer the old feel to the controller. There are also additional four paddle buttons for added customization and the customizable sticks and triggers where you can adjust the sensitivity of their buttons and sticks. The Elite controller is also compatible for Windows 10 and can be purchased separately for $150.

The new Xbox One Bundle Pack will be available this October.

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