Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Weekly Update: See How Game Release Has Evolved in Time

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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

As the Xbox One backwards compatibility list continues to grow, Microsoft is changing its basic schedule of releases. But first, let?s see the titles that made it to the feature this week. For the Xbox 360 titles that are now available on the Xbox One console, the titles include ?Blob 2?, ?Bayonetta? and ?Arkanoid Live!?

Before the week finally closes, few more titles arrived in the feature, mainly ?Bejeweled 3?, ?Gatling Gears? and ?Deathspank T.O.V.? The fantasy action RPG ?Of Orcs and Men? also joins the list, but is unavailable to certain?regions, including?the US.

While the feature previously released game titles twice a week, Microsoft ceased this structure and went with a different route. The announcement specified that game titles will be released whenever a game is ready. The system caused some setbacks on the feature, showing at least a week or two without new titles arriving on the feature.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility in the Past

As ?releasing titles became more in demand, Microsoft pushed through with releasing some indie titles for the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature. While fans may not have been so ecstatic with the latest titles, few triple A titles did arrive on the feature.


In July, ?Red Dead Redemption? joined the list of backwards compatible games. But it?s the ?BioShock? series that fans waited for so long. ?Skate 3? also remains elusive, despite fans voting for it. Currently, ?Call of Duty: Black Ops II? remains on top of the list, with over 190,000 votes.

Just recently, GameNGuide reported how ?BioShock: The Collection? may just have landed the Xbox One backwards compatibility. Microsoft has not confirmed the rumor, but game owners on Steam can get The Collection on the Xbox One console now.

For now, fans will have to visit the Major Nelson website for the latest games that arrived on the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature. Without any promises, fans can only hope that their chosen titles will make it to the next backwards compatibility list.

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