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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update: Three New Titles Added on the Feature

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If last week?s offer on the Xbox One backwards compatibility list proves unsatisfying, this week, Microsoft made the effort to release at least three more new titles to the feature. Earlier this week, the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature only managed to release ?Interpol? to update the library. Well, today you can enjoy three more new titles, mainly Flock! valued at $14.99; HALF-MINUTE HERO – Super Neo mega Climax valued at $9.99; and Tour de France 2009 valued at $4.99.

Previously, the Xbox One backwards compatibility list featured one of the most sought after game in the Microsoft feature — Red Dead Redemption (RDR). Since then, fans have patiently waited for their personal choices to also arrive in the feature.

If you have not been updated on the recent list of Xbox One backwards compatibility list, it might delight you to know that games like Left 4 Dead, Mars: War Logs, Grip Shift, Portal 2, Bloodforge, Blood Knights, Comic Jumper, I am Alive, Fallout: New Vegas and Brain Challenge are all now part of the backwards compatibility list. Meanwhile, there are still games that have been long predicted to arrive in the feature, but unfortunately haven?t made it and that includes Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Bioshock Infinite and Skate 3.

Rumors about the Metal Gear Solid series coming to the backwards compatibility feature also emerged online, but like what the Bioshock series is experiencing, it might take a while before the title can even be considered.


Meanwhile, as Red Dead Redemption arrives on the backwards compatibility feature, there have been strong buzz on Grand Theft Auto V coming to the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature. Why not? After all, the title was trailed by RDR during the time when they still both sat on the voter?s list as the next entry on the Microsoft feature.

Were you disappointed with last week?s single offer on the feature? What do you think of the last three games that arrived on the Xbox One backwards compatibility list? Don?t miss the latest update on new titles and make sure to get your fresh information from the

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