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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update: See Titles That Haven?t Made it To The Feature; Plus the Latest Titles That Arrived This July

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Every now and then, Microsoft updates its Xbox One backwards compatibility list and this July is no exception to that. While the feature recently released several new titles prior to the countdown to July, at least four more new titles were revealed today. The constantly growing number of games in the backwards-compatibility feature has also allowed Microsoft to capitalize it for the sales of their console devices.

Now, July has finally arrived and the four new titles that were featured include ?Bloodforge,? ?Go! Go! Break Steady,? ?Gripshift? and ?Mars: War Logs.? Previously, the Xbox One backwards compatibility library has obtained titles such as ?Call of Duty: Black Ops,? ? Left 4 Dead 2,? ?Fallout: New Vegas,? ?Fallout 3.?

A lot has been obtained by fans in the Xbox compatibility feature and as Microsoft tries their best to deliver new games, fans are eagerly latching on to the idea that one day, their favorite game will be included on the list. Currently, the fan favorite ?Left 4 Dead 2? recently made it to the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature, but as June ends, there have not been any talks about ?Red Dead Redemption? coming to the Microsoft feature, or Grand Theft Auto making it to list.

Aside from the ?Red Dead Redemption? being a fan favorite, fans couldn?t get over the idea that it once appeared on the Xbox One Store and even made playable for a moment. The short stint suddenly ended when it was hastily pulled from the store and since then, there has been no discussion about it making it to the feature again. Also, Grand Theft Auto that trailed ?Left 4 Dead 2? is still waiting for its time on the backwards-compatible feature.

Aside from the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature, Microsoft also promotes the XBox Live Games with Gold, wherein Xbox Live Gold Members are treated to a number of free games every month, or the latest games that went gold. Are you satisfied with Microsoft?s latest Xbox One backwards compatibility titles? What titles are you most excited about in the backwards-compatibility feature? Don?t miss any upcoming games by logging on to

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