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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update: See What Came After ?Red Dead Redemption?

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Looking through how the Xbox one backwards compatibility update has evolved in the past week, it seems like the arrival of ?Red Dead Redemption? (RDR) to the picture overwhelmed other titles that may have joined the launch. Fortunately for the other titles, they were not released on the same date as RDR. Now that the hype on ?Red Dead Redemption? is slowly fading, Microsoft hints on the next titles set for the Xbox One backwards compatibility library.

Although they have been mentioned before, EXPRESS UK believes the next time Microsoft releases titles, it will include ?Bioshock 1,? ?Bioshock 2,? ?Bioshock Infinite? and ?Skate 3.? Although none of these have been confirmed by Microsoft (primarily because they don?t announce backwards-compatible titles in advance), it is strongly expected by hardcore gamers that these titles will make it on the next Xbox One backwards compatibility update.

Unfortunately, Microsoft also announced that they are also removing some titles in the long list of Xbox One backwards compatibility list not just because they want to, but it has something to do with the system core of the games. Most of these games are indie titles and didn?t receive massive following from gamers, which makes the company believe it will not bring such an impact to the Microsoft feature.

When asked about why they are removing at least 160 games from the backwards-compatible list, Microsoft issued a statement saying ?Because this solution is a software-only emulation, titles that require a hardware accessory are not part of this feature.?

Meanwhile, fans should forget about Microsoft?s failure to announce anything about the Xbox One backwards compatibility titles at the recent E3 2016 event as obviously, the company is trying to get back in a sweet way for the fans. In May, they released ?Call of Duty: Black Ops? while ?Fallout: New Vegas? came in June. This July, the highly anticipated ?Red Dead Redemption? made it to the list.

Are you satisfied with the current Xbox One backwards compatibility list from Microsoft? What titles to see coming to the feature in the months to come? Make your thoughts count by commenting on this BitBag article.

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